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Andrew Finds True Romance On

Andrew:  I first met Dasha around September of 2012, towards the middle of the month if I remember correctly.  I had been in several relationships over the years, and I just couldn’t find a girl who I could see myself staying with for the rest of my life.

I researched a lot of different sites, but a lot of red flags came up with some of them, and I was very cautious about scams, frauds, and using my credit card on these sites.  After digging around a bit, one site stood out from the rest, and that was AnastasiaDate.  I was very reassured by their stated anti-scam policy, as well as the length of time they’ve been in business.  Any company that has been in the online dating business for almost 20 years wouldn’t have survived if they weren’t above board.

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How David Met Natasha

David: It was early 2012, and I had just received a promotion at work.  Despite my success with my career, I felt incomplete, and I knew that what I was looking for was a good, caring woman in my life.  Regular dating sites in the U.S. didn’t work for me, because many of the women were flaky, fake, or weren’t interested in dating a guy in his mid-40s.  A friend of mine had recently had some success on, and he assured me that the girls were real, there was a strict anti-scam and anti-fraud policy, and they protected your credit card information.

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Nadya and Nathan Tell How AnastasiaDate Introduced Them

Nadya: Nathan messaged me maybe seven months ago.  We chatted much and I learn so much about him that I thought he maybe the one I was looking for.  His language was so beautiful, and he say so many nice things to me. I very much like the way he respect me.  He sent me flowers at my birthday, and my friends was so jealous!  He visit me three month ago in Odessa and he was very romantic and handsome.  He ask to marry me, and I say yes!

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Anthony Praises Experience Using AnastasiaDate

Anthony:  Once upon a time I was a very successful man with the ladies.  I found it very easy to date and form temporary relationships and, for a while that kept me happy.  As I got into my late 30s and early 40s though I realized this wasn’t enough anymore.  I wanted a good woman with good values to settle down with and make a family.  I’d heard a lot about international dating sites, both good and bad.  I’d heard horror stories of fraud and fake profiles and scams to get you to send money.  I was apprehensive at first to use an introduction and dating site, but after reading up and asking around on some internet forums, it became clear to me that the best site was  They were well-known for their anti-scam and background check policies, as well their good customer service any time a customer felt that they had been misled.  Feeling much more secure, I made a profile and began searching for a good woman.

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AnastasiaDate Brings Together Another Happy Couple

Brett: I first signed up for AnastasiaDate about one year ago, roughly.  I didn’t use it a lot at first simply because I was too busy with moving to a new city to head up a new office for my company.  After I settled in, I started looking for the local dating scene but I just couldn’t find the time required to sort through it all.  So I turned my attention back to AnastasiaDate, who has an excellent reputation for protecting members from scams and frauds to go along with all the beautiful women on the site.

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