William’s AnastasiaDate Testimonial

William: I started using online dating and introduction sites about three years ago. I tried all the standard ones, but I had an issue with the ‘matches’ they were finding for me. I’m a 42 year old professional ensconced in my career, and they kept matching me with boring women from distant cities who weren’t willing to relocate. I was fed up with domestic dating, so I decided to try international dating instead. I looked around a bit on the web, investigating the best options, and AnastasiaDate had really good reviews for both the quality of the women on the site, and their anti-scam, anti-fraud, background checking policies.

A year later, I couldn’t be happier. A gorgeous young lady named Elizaveta caught my eye, so I started a conversation with her. I was incredibly impressed by her sophistication and education, and I honestly have to say that she really exceeded my expectations. I flew to Russia to spend some time with her six months ago, and we decided to get married. The wedding is next week, and she’ll be joining me in Tampa soon afterwards. Thanks for the assist AnastasiaDate, couldn’t have found her without you.

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