AnastasiaDate Brings Together Another Happy Couple

Brett: I first signed up for AnastasiaDate about one year ago, roughly.  I didn’t use it a lot at first simply because I was too busy with moving to a new city to head up a new office for my company.  After I settled in, I started looking for the local dating scene but I just couldn’t find the time required to sort through it all.  So I turned my attention back to AnastasiaDate, who has an excellent reputation for protecting members from scams and frauds to go along with all the beautiful women on the site.

I talked to quite a few different girls, and it really made dating fun again.  I decided to go on one of the Romance Tours AnastasiaDate was hosting in Ukraine, and that’s where I met Serafima.  I met her at the first Odessa social event, and we really hit it off.  Her English wasn’t good, and my Ukrainian is terrible, but there was a really good translator on hand who did a fantastic job translating the emotions we were trying to convey to each other.

I’ve flown back to the Ukraine twice now to spend time with her, and we’re getting married next month.  Half of my family is flying to Odessa, so it’s going to be a really special event.  Thank you AnastasiaDate!

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