How David Met Natasha

David: It was early 2012, and I had just received a promotion at work.  Despite my success with my career, I felt incomplete, and I knew that what I was looking for was a good, caring woman in my life.  Regular dating sites in the U.S. didn’t work for me, because many of the women were flaky, fake, or weren’t interested in dating a guy in his mid-40s.  A friend of mine had recently had some success on, and he assured me that the girls were real, there was a strict anti-scam and anti-fraud policy, and they protected your credit card information.

I was on the site for about two months chatting with different women when I saw the profile of this beautiful woman from Nikolaev, Ukraine.  I looked at her photos and her profile, and I had this gut feeling that she was the special one I’d been looking for.  Well, we took it slow at first, just exchanging some letters and then moving into live chatting and video chatting.  I think the moment that really made me realize she was into me was when she called me, out of the blue, on my birthday.  Soon after that, AnastasiaDate set me up with a trip to the Ukraine and we went on our first date.  We got married this summer, and she’s moving here to Philadelphia in two weeks.

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